Last updated April 26, 2017


We do not offer refunds or exchanges for Products you have ordered, except where required by law or expressly stated in our Terms of Sale. Other than in such cases, you will not be entitled to reject any Product except where damage to (or loss of) Products, in whole or in part, occurs in transit when being carried by our own transport or by a carrier on our behalf; provided, however, that you must provide us written notification of such damage (or loss) within five (5) business days at, and you must retain all original packaging, hardware, accessories, materials, and documentation.

In the event we receive timely notice from you of damage to (or loss of) the Products as described above, we will arrange for pick-up or return of any damaged Products and all original packaging and materials at our expense. Upon our verification of any damage or loss, we may, in our sole discretion and at our option, either replace or repair the Products, and we will ship a replacement or repaired Products to you as soon as reasonably possible. Your rights of repair or replacement of the Products will in all cases be negated where the Products were not damaged or lost in our transit or returned in accordance with the above requirements.