The world’s smartest, safest e-scooter

Designed, engineered and built by Superpedestrian to protect riders and pedestrians alike.





Detects tip-overs

Checks system health 1,000x per second

Wide & long deck for stability

Long-range battery (60 mi / 98 km)

Three independent brakes

Reinforced chassis

High-vis colors and reflectors

Detects & prevents unsafe riding

Safety from the Inside Out.

Superpedestrian believes in safe streets for all – including pedestrians. When a LINK rider tries to enter a pedestrian zone, the scooter actively slows to a safe stop. We go far beyond passive alerts to curb bad riding behavior, and actively enforce rules such as no sidewalk riding. This is only possible because of our patented Pedestrian Defense system.

Pedestrian Defense

In July 2021 we announced Pedestrian Defense, our new patented on-board system that detects and corrects, in real-time, a wide array of unsafe rider behaviors, including sidewalk riding, wrong-way riding, misparking and aggressive swerving. This breakthrough system also provides cities with unprecedented visibility into fleet and on-street safety conditions, helping to track progress and target fixes.

Instant Geofencing

LINK stores city maps, geofence zones and enforcement commands onboard the scooter itself. This data is conventionally stored in the cloud, creating delays in enforcement times. Our method cuts latency, boosts enforcement speeds to 0.7s, and enhances safety for everyone, every time.

Robust & Stable

We rigorously designed and stress-tested every scooter component before ever deploying on city streets. The result is the toughest, most universally comfortable shared scooter available today.  LINK is built for riders of all abilities, sizes, and ages. Take a ride and see for yourself!



Link by Superpedestrian collaborates with over 40 cities worldwide to provide safe and compliant micromobility options.

North america

Alexandria, VA

Asbury Park, NJ

Austin, TX

Baltimore, MD

Cleveland, OH

Columbus, OH

Fairfax, VA

Hartford, CT

Jacksonville, FL


Knoxville, TN

Manhattan, KS

Oakland, CA

Orem, UT

Provo, UT

Salt Lake City, UT

San Diego, CA

San Jose, CA

Seattle, WA


Abruzzo, IT

Alcalá de Henares, ES

Aprilia, IT

Canary Islands, ES 

Faro, PT

Lazio, IT

Lisbon, PT

Madrid, ES

Málaga, ES

Moncalieri, IT

Palermo, IT

Pomezia, IT

Rome, IT

Stockholm, SE

Teramo, IT

Tortoreto, IT

Turin, IT

Vejer de la Frontera, ES

Vienna, AT