Reviews of the Copenhagen Wheel

A sample of owner reviews of the Copenhagen Wheel from across the world. To read the full reviews on Facebook, click on the reviewer's name.


Copenhagen Wheel Camel

"Just got my wheel a few weeks ago, it is the first here in Israel.
I took it for a ride to the lowest spot on earth!! The dead sea 400 meter below sea level. The temp was almost 40c, it work perfectly and helped me on climbing the stiff road.
Could not hold my self from taking a few "tourist" pictures with the camel and on the way back with Jerusalem as a background." ~ Avi Banon


Tesla Copenhagen wheel

"After a quick test ride on a bike equipped with the Copenhagen Wheel I was very impressed. The motor is very responsive, and has plentiful torque. The Copenhagen made me envision a joyful bicycle commute, without having to break a sweat in work clothes.I think this product is a leader in simplicity and elegance..." ~ Austin Hart

Peloton Magazine

"We swore you would never see an e-bike in our publications, but we’re eating our words. Our minds were expanded. We’ve transcended our reality and come to a higher state of being thanks to Superpedestrian and its Copenhagen wheel... it retains everything we love about bikes." ~ Ben Edwards, Peloton Magazine

The Boston Globe

"I soared up the hill as easily as Lance Armstrong fresh from the pharmacy... the Copenhagen Wheel is beyond intuitive."  ~ Haiawatha Bray, The Boston Globe


Specialized copenhagen wheel

"After the long wait, I took my first ride on my new Copenhagen 10 speed wheel yesterday. What a ride! Rode 30 miles, 1/2 in Eco mode and other 1/2 in standard. Still had 35% of battery life left. It's very hilly also in Birmingham Al. Very impressed with the smoothness of the wheel. Great job Superpedestrian!" ~Roger Byrd


Copenhagen Wheel Electra Cruiser

"I absolutely LOVE my new Copenhagen Wheel!!! It was well worth the wait. I took my first extended ride today. 14.1 miles up and down the entire bike path along the beach here in Long Beach. It's simply AWESOME!!! I'll be getting a lot of use out of it since we are a one-car family. My ride to work is only about 2 miles each way but it's mostly all uphill going there and my Copenhagen Wheel makes easy work of it..." ~ Sheri Evans 

Forbes Copenhagen wheel review

"Simply put, the Wheel is fun and, in the way of the best of technologies, so seamless that you forget it’s there." ~Anthony Karcz, Forbes

treehugger logo

"It's easy to install, it's powerful enough to flatten hills and shorten commute times considerably, it's light enough to not be a huge burden when carried, and the way that it 'reads' the rider's movements and seamlessly adds power when desired is almost magical."  ~ Derek Markham, Treehugger


Copenhagen wheel

"I've now ridden my Copenhagen Wheel over 400 miles on over 100 trips. I have been commuting by bicycle for over a decade, but have never ridden another bicycle with electric-assist. As a result, I can’t give a comparative review, but I can comment on my experience with the wheel. Overall, the wheel is very well done and the riding experience is amazing..." ~ Greg Scott


Copenhagen Wheel Minneapolis Walker Art Museum

"Don't hesitate to ask this guys anything. Very responsive. Also this wheel will change your riding life. Have had an excellent relationship with Superpedestrian. The wheel is an engineering marvel." ~ Warren Zacher


"Within five minutes of riding this thing, I realized cycling would not be the same again. I rode it on mixed terrain for approximately 10 miles with grades up to 15%, and ended the trip with 78% battery remaining. At no point did I pant, pedal standing, or come to think of it even change gears. The assist provided by the wheel is subtle and feels natural. Since I didn't have to think twice about the physicality of pedalling, I actually enjoyed the ride the same way I do when ripping through twisty back roads in my car. Odd how this thing bridges the gap between a car and a bicycle. I also tried to ride the bike with the wheel turned off! What a change. All the huffing and puffing returned. But even with the added (dead)weight of the wheel I did not feel a significant increase in pedalling effort than without it. What you folks at Superpedestrian have achieved is nothing short of remarkable. Keep up the good work." ~ Faiz Ali   


"700 + miles in, I love my Wheel. When it's over 100 degrees (basically all summer) the Wheel keeps me willing to ride. Being able to vary the assist level means I can get home almost effortlessly or get a workout. I was concerned that I'd become less fit but on the contrary, I'm now getting 75 minutes of light-to-medium riding in on days when I feel kinda lazy and in the past would have taken the car. And on the good days I can push myself as fast as I want to go. I even run the wheel in off mode some days just to vary the workout and build some extra leg strength. 

The Wheel has turned me from an occasional rider (less than 1 day in 5) into a near daily rider (better than 4 days out of 5). And that giddy-up when you first pedal still gives me a thrill." ~ Nick Van Kleeck


"Wow! Just wow! We each got one and did a test run just now. A great balance between getting the heart rate up, pleasure, control, and ease of use. Next time we'll take water, we were having so much fun we just kept riding! If the Wheel is what it takes for us to get out, be more active, and enjoy life, then well worth the investment." ~ Corinne Dickman


"My first test ride New Year's Day was spectacular. This wheel is everthing I imagined and was so worth the wait. Now I have been using it to commute 8 miles up hill to work with an elevation here in Santa Fe of over7000 feet. What used to take me an hour and 15 minutes now takes 30. Riding in turbo mode the whole way I can get to work with about 23 percent battery left for 8 miles all up hill. Temperature is in the 30s. Going home is all downhill so I can get to work and home on a single charge although I pack my charger and charge it at work since I ride home at night and prefer a full charge home too..." ~ Steve Burns