Meet the Copenhagen Wheel

The Copenhagen Wheel is a sleek red hub that turns almost any bike into a smart electric hybrid. It contains a custom motor, advanced sensors, control systems, and a battery. Bluetooth connectivity enables you to personalize your cycling experience from your smartphone. Simply replace the rear wheel of your bike or add it to a new bike. Distances shorten, hills flatten and the experience becomes uniquely you, ride by ride.

the pure e-bike cycling experience


The cycling experience you love

It’s just like riding a bike, with a superhuman boost. The Copenhagen Wheel learns how you pedal and integrates with your natural movements using cutting-edge robotic technology, delivering the right boost at the right time. Just pedal, the Wheel does the rest.

deconstructed Copenhagen Wheel parts


Advanced E-Bike Technologies

Invented at MIT and developed by Superpedestrian's team of leading robotics engineers, the Wheel redefines e-bike technologies. Through extensive research and development efforts in advanced sensing and controls, as well as innovative product design, the Copenhagen Wheel enables an unparalleled riding experience.

Revolutionary Support

Love guaranteed
Satisfaction, Guaranteed

The Copenhagen Wheel is a cycling experience like no other. In fact, we are so confident you will love your Wheel, bring it home and try it for yourself. If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days, return the wheel and we will provide a full refund. Some restrictions apply. 


Warranty replacement
1 year warranty

The Copenhagen Wheel is covered by a 1 year warranty and is equipped with a sophisticated self-diagnostic system that allows our service team to diagnose and resolve most support issues remotely. In the event you experience an issue that cannot be resolved remotely we will ship a replacement Wheel to get you back on the road where you belong as soon as possible!

Own the Copenhagen Wheel

What the press is saying


“A two-wheeled Tesla.”

The Boston Globe

“I’m in love with this thing.”

David Pogue, Yahoo!

“Everything we love about bikes.”

Peloton Magazine

"It’s incredibly fun.”



Read reviews


“Reinventing the wheel was worth it.”

TIME Magazine

“So seamless you forget it’s there.”


“Felt a little like magic.”


“A game-changer.”


Copenhagen Wheel e-bike technology

Technology that matters

Right boost, right time

As you pedal, the Wheel senses, analyzes, and responds to your torque, power, speed, and pedal position over 100 times per second, giving you over 10X more power seamlessly.

Seamless design

All the magic of the Copenhagen Wheel lives inside the brilliant red hub. There are no wires, throttles, or bulky external batteries.

Selectable ride modes

Choose from Turbo, Standard, Eco, and Exercise modes in the smartphone app to customize your ride experience.


Immune System

The self-diagnostic system provides proactive protection that monitors riding conditions and respond to events so the Wheel protects itself in real-time.

Braking Assistance

Slow down at stop signs, safely ride down hills, and regulate speed in traffic, just by backpedaling. The Wheel brakes and captures energy, recharging the battery.

Your ride, quantified

The Wheel measures your power, torque, and cadence, and also quantifies your cycling activities giving you comprehensive biometrics and ride performance data.

Zero Learning Curve

Like the best riding companion, the Wheel learns how you pedal and mirrors your natural behavior. All you feel is more pedal power.

Full Control

The Wheel knows just how fast you want to go giving you the right power at the right level at the right time. Safely avoid obstacles and navigate the roads while preserving your natural ability to ride a bike.

Endlessly Adaptable

The Wheel fits almost any bike so you can find the perfect fit for you.


Get upgrades to your Wheel without leaving home. New features and capabilities come to life through over-the-air updates.

Secure Digital Key

One less key to worry about. Your smartphone is the digital key for your Copenhagen Wheel. iOS or Android device required.

Riding the Copenhagen Wheel e-bike

Use the bike you love

Old bike? New bike? The Copenhagen Wheel installs on just about any bike in minutes. Your Wheel is built to order and customized for your bike, giving you a perfect fit.



Brake type

Rim brakes only

Wheel size

622mm, 700C, 29er
559mm, 26 inch

Gear count

Single-speed, 7, 8, 9, 10
SRAM or Shimano

Bicycle dropout spacing

120mm (single-speed)
135mm (single-speed & multi-speed)

Smartphone OS

iOS, Android

The Copenhagen Wheel

Copenhagen Wheel e-bikes

We've teamed up with the best bike brands to hand-select the perfect bikes for the Copenhagen Wheel. Now you can get the best bikes with the most advanced e-bike technology. All of our Copenhagen Wheel e-bikes come professionally assembled by premier bike shops, ready to ride.

Marin Copenhagen Wheel e-bike

Choose from many styles of bikes

Tech Specs

Motor US: 350 W; EU: 250 W
Top Assisted Speed US: 25 mph; EU: 25 km/h
Range Up to 30 mi / 50 km
Battery 48 V - 279 Wh Li-ion
Battery Life 1000 Charge Cycles
Charge Time 2 hours (80%); 4 hours (100%)
Hub Weight 16.8 lbs / 7.6 kg
Bicycle Drivetrain Single-speed or 7/8/9/10-gear Shimano/SRAM-compatible
Bicycle Dropout Spacing 120 mm (single-speed); 135 mm (single-speed & multi-speed)
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0)
Smartphone OS iOS, Android – Required