The Copenhagen Wheel

Copenhagen Wheel

Convert your bike into a smart electric hybrid

The Copenhagen Wheel is a complete replacement for your rear bike wheel and fits both single-speed and multi-speed bikes. The battery, motor, sensors, and computers all live inside the red hub. Human-enhancing technology analyzes your movements and seamlessly boosts your power as you ride. Just put it on your bike, connect your smartphone, and ride.


Fits almost any bike

Makes every ride magical

Amplifies your pedal power 10X

No wires or throttles

Copenhagen Wheel


A More Liberating Ride

As you pedal, the embedded computer monitors the torque and speed sensors, sensing your most minute movements, and instantly engages the motor to give you a boost. All you feel is more pedal power.

Customize your riding experience with the Wheel’s connected smartphone app by adjusting the level of assistance. Extend your range with regenerative braking – pedal backwards and the Wheel begins to brake, sending energy to the battery. 

Icon Speedometer

Top Powered Speed

US 20 mph / EU 25 km/h

Icon Range


Up to 30 mi / 50 km

Icon Regenerative Braking

Regenerative Braking

Extends your range

To sweat or not to sweat

Use Turbo mode on the way to work and arrive sweat-free. Ride in Exercise mode on the way home to sweat it out. The Wheel seamlessly tracks your speed, power output, and calories burned. Share your activity with your friends and family.

Hero Mobile

Use the bike you love

Your new Copenhagen Wheel is designed and assembled in Massachusetts. The Wheel fits almost any bike and installs in minutes simply by replacing your rear wheel. 

Customized For You

We customize the Wheel just for your bike, so you get a perfect fit. Don’t have a bike you love? We’ve hand-selected stylish bikes that pair perfectly with the Wheel.

Hero Red Bag

Get yours now

Worry Free

No external wires, annoying buttons, complicated plugs, removable batteries, or anything that could ruin your day. Just charge and ride. iOS or Android device required.

The Wheel keeps on getting better. Over-the-air updates through your smartphone give you access to new features after you buy.

Icon Rosa


Meet Rosa

Concentrate on the road and let Rosa monitor your ride. The Wheel’s self-diagnostic system continuously monitors temperature, speed, battery performance, motor performance, and sensor calibrations, ensuring safety and reliability while you ride. 

Smartphone Control

Proximity Unlock

Your smartphone automatically unlocks your Wheel. Just hop on and ride.

Ride Modes

Five riding modes give you a broad range of experiences.

  • Standard

    Get where you need to go without breaking a sweat.

  • Turbo

    When you want to fly.

  • Eco

    Extend your battery life while getting a boost.

  • Exercise

    Better than a stationary bike. The Wheel gives you a challenging workout as you ride.

  • Off

    You don't get a boost, but you still get the data.

Quantified Riding

Get the numbers behind the magic and understand your rides over time.

  • Trips

    Keep track of your rides.

  • Distance

    You'll be surprised how far you've come.

  • Duration

    See how long it takes to get from here to there.

  • Average Speed

    Track how fast you fly.

  • Calories Burned

    Measure the calories you burn when you ride.

Share Your Wheel

It’s easy to share your new Copenhagen Wheel with friends and family. Just send them a Wheel invite from the app. After they download the Wheel app they’re ready to ride.

Hero Mechanic

Deceptively Durable & Rigorously Tested

We perfected the new Copenhagen Wheel using some of the most rigorous mechanical testing in the industry. Every Wheel goes through software checks, motor testing, sensor calibrations, and mechanical quality inspections. We’ve even invented Hub Testers to spin, charge, clamp, and calibrate every Wheel.

Hero Wheel Laydown

Tech Specs

Motor US: 350 W; EU: 250 W
Top Assisted Speed US: 20 mph; EU: 25 km/h
Range Up to 30 mi / 50 km
Battery 48 V - 279 Wh Li-ion
Battery Life 1000 Charge Cycles
Charge Time 2 hours (80%); 4 hours (100%)
Hub Weight 16.8 lbs / 7.6 kg
Bicycle Drivetrain Single-speed or 7/8/9/10-gear Shimano/SRAM-compatible
Bicycle Dropout Spacing 120 mm (single-speed); 135 mm (single-speed & multi-speed)
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0)
Smartphone OS iOS, Android – Required